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Health-e-Lawn restores nature's balance in your own back yard! - By starting at the root of the problem.

Instead of buying/applying fertilizers that runoff into groundwater every time it rains, Health-e-Lawn restores the microcosmos of life in the soil beneath. 

Living Soil then helps seek out the nutrients your lawn needs and feeds your lawn in a symbiotic relationship.

Beneficial bacteria and fungi are naturally found in living soil. These organisms form symbiotic relationships with your lawn and exchange nutrients and water for photosynthesized sugars.

Living Soil is like having an unseen army that feeds, defends, and protects your lawn - not only giving you a lawn your neighbors will envy, but also naturally removing environmental pollutants in the process!

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Regenerates Life, While Eliminating Pollution!

A Healthy Lawn will literally suck CO2 right out of the air during the natural process of photosynthesis. This is how plants form the foundation of all Carbon-based life on Earth!

Not only that, but a balanced Lawn will breakdown and sequester many other environmental pollutants, as a natural process - such as when grass transpires Hydroxyl into the atmosphere (during photosynthesis) that "eats methane emissions."
    - Yes, your lawn can breakdown cow farts.

No Gloves, No Mask, Non-Toxic!

Health-e-Lawn is so safe, you could eat it (seriously, unlike other products).This means you don't need to wear gloves to spread it - you don't even need to wear a mask or eye protection (try not to get it in your eyes, though).

It doesn't taste good (yes, we've eaten it - for science!), but if you accidentally ingest some, it will actually detox your body (this statement has yet to be verified by the FDA).

The bottom line is, we shouldn't be putting anything on our lawn that we wouldn't want in our mouths. Because, whether it's a baby crawling on the grass, a pet rolling in the sun, or just house guests putting their feet up - whatever you put on your lawn will inevitably end up in your house, tracked somewhere, ending up on your hands - and then in your mouth.

Health-e-Lawn is safe enough to eat - it's safe enough for a baby to crawl around on your lawn, eating handfuls of dirt - no need to call poison control. 

Even Bees and Butterflies will "bee" safe in your lawn.

One bag goes a long way

A single 2.2 lb. pouch will cover 5,000 square feet of lawn

Really, one bag could cover 10,000 sq. ft. - but we're aiming for a deep cover to fully resurrect your soil.

With our online tool, simply type in your address, then trace out your lawn - and you'll learn how much product you'll need!

(here is a temporary tool until ours is ready)

The best news is that you only need to apply Health-e-Lawn once per year!

We suggest applying it with the final thaw of Spring. This will give the dormant life in Health-e-Lawn the best chance of taking root and thriving in the soil beneath your lawn all year long.

From Polluting To Saving The Planet
In 3 Simple Steps
Sprinkle Health-e-Lawn over your entire lawn & grass area.

Water it in.

Let Nature take its course!
Health-e-Lawn Helps You Save The Planet, Starting In Your Own Back Yard

Americans dump 60 million pounds of pesticides on their lawns every year. 14 of the most commonly used lawn pesticides are neurotoxins and suspected carcinogens, yet this is where our children play. 

Not only that, lawn fertilizers are a major source of surface-water pollution. The EPA reports that pollution from fertilizers is “one of America’s most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems.” 

This doesn’t even consider the dire effects on bees, butterflies, and other pollinators who visit these toxic home lawns.

Health-e-Lawn makes these poisons pointless, while at the same time transforming your lawn into a Carbon Capture Lawn, and even breaking down and sequestering environmental pollutants - all while improving the health, vitality, and resilience of your lawn!

Get an exclusive discount

We’re launching soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!

Health-e-Lawn is currently only available for North America.
However, it works for all Lawn types and in all Climates.

At Carbon Capture Shield, Inc. - our goal is to shift 1 Billion Acres of land toward regenerative practices.

We've calculated that this amount of regenerative land would not only erase the entire human Carbon Footprint, it would also reverse the environmental degradation that we're seeing on a global scale.

Health-e-Lawn is just the 1st step in a multi-phase 10-year plan to regenerate and restore the soils of Earth.

If you're outside of North America, join our mailing list over at CarbonCaptureShield.com and be the first to know when Health-e-Lawn and our other projects come to your part of the world. 

TOGETHER - we can make a difference.

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